GingerM (copper_curls) wrote in sl_creators,

Sculpty n00b...

Well, pooh.

I want to make a claddagh ring to give as a opening/welcome gift at my store (; never pass an opportunity to plug...), and I was thinking to do it with prims, originally. However, I'm hitting the lower size limit when I try to make the heart; I haven't even thought about trying to make the hands or the crown yet.

So I thought, well I'll try doing it with scultpies; how hard can that be?


I've got Wings 3D and the plugin to produce SL-compatible scuplty maps, but what I can't find is a good intro tutorial to Wings 3D. I *have* found quite a few people posting about Blender, and saying its much better than Wings 3D. I couldn't say one way or the other, myself.

Can anyone suggest software, tutorials, etc. to help me figure out this out, preferably as painlessly as possible? Thanks very much in advance.
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I use Blender, but learning Blender is very far from painless.
The other option I was considering was trying to do the modeling in Rhino3D; I have that as well, and I'm fairly comfortable with it. Only problem is I can't see any way to import/export .OBJ files with Wings, and Rhino doesn't appear to support .wings files...

*uses some very unlady-like langage and returns to rummaging through the 'Net some more...*

Part one of four tutorials that were invaluable in allowing me to get the hang of Wings 3D. See if that helps.