Not a terrorist (thebigbadbutch) wrote in sl_creators,
Not a terrorist

I really need help

I have some super n00b questions about building in Second Life. Please help

OK I have a project due on Second Life for summer school. The coding isn't the project I just want to make it look right. I've looked on Wikia and Youtube for tutorials but I can't find exactly what I want.

Basically I have a prim that is supposed to be a giant stone tablet. I've already made the prim the right size and everything. But I have to get the text of a made up bill of rights onto the tablet. The problem is the only thing that I can figure out is floating text. I need the text to be directly on the prim and huge. How do I make that happen? If anyone knows the answer or a place where the coding is made easy without having to download extra software that'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, I don't know if there's a way to do this but I want to set it up so the words glow in white like they are backlit. I haven't seen anything like this yet (but I haven't been on Second Life long).
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If you want the text directly on the stone instead of floating, you need to make a texture with the text and apply it to the prim. GIMP or any other 2D texture app can make the texture. Upload it, and stick it on that side of your stone or on a prim just in front of the stone face.
Thank you so much. I used GIMP and finally got it :D :D :D
You have to put the text on a texture. You can get it to glow in two ways- one, make the prim glow itself, and two ,cut the letters out on the texture and create an alpha layer and then upload it, and mess with fullbright and glow settings.
Thanks so much for your help. It took me forever but I finally got it and it looks like I wanted it to :)
Anytime :) Glad it worked out okay for you.

Cutting out letters is a pain in the ass no matter how you slice it.